Six Spring Fashion Picks for 2018

April 9, 2018

The sun is shinning and we are finally wishing winter farewell! It’s time to clean out that closet full of overstuffed coats and replace them with the threads of spring time! So, what’s trending this season you may wonder? No need to stress, we gotcha covered. We have listed a few spring fashion picks for 2018 that can fit into anyone’s wardrobe, both easily and affordably! 


1.) Floral Print


The flowers are beginning to bloom around us, and for 2018 it looks like we will be wearing a lot more of them! Floral print is here and is here to stay! The beautiful thing about floral print is that it can easily fit into any occasion without being too underdressed or overdressed. There are tons of floral print options, some being really bold patterns while others are more soft and feminine. Top the print off with simple sandals and you are good to go!




2.) Asymmetrical Cuts


Asymmetrical cuts are always very clean, directly-to-the-point looks. They allow you to not have to focus so much on the print, color or pattern of the clothing, but more so on the types of fall it has on your body type. This can be a one shoulder blouse, short in the front but long in the back skirt, or v-neck hemmed tops. 



3.) Pastel Colors


We all know how much we love those mint greens, blush pinks, and  peachy oranges. Pastels pretty much scream spring time! This season, break out those pastels and have fun mixing them together. My all time favorite combination of pastels is sea glass green with blush pink. Something like this gives a nice contrast of color without being too much pop. Keeping it soft allows for many different combinations suitable for different events and occasional. 




4.) Rompers and Jumpsuits


The trend is still trending! Last season, rompers and jumpsuits were definitely “the thing” and that’s not changing! This spring, break out in a one piece outfit that both looks and feels amazing! Rompers are an awesome way to go if you want to be festive and hoppy, while staying comfortable. Jumpsuits can add a sleek edge to a night out or even a formal event.



5.) Shoulder Love


Between one shoulder tops, strapless blouses and shoulder cut out designs, showing a little shoulder is easy to pull off this spring. While not showing too much skin, you can be sure to add a little sass to your wardrobe. 




6.) Fringe Throwback 


Get ready for a blast from the past! When I thing of fringe, I immediately have flashbacks of my moms old tasseled denim pictures, along with big hair and lots of blue eye shadow. While that can be scary to think about, fringe has definitely came back to see us again. Fringe doesn’t have to be the exotic, leather, rock show clothing that was the rage back when. It can be as simple as the lining on a blouse, or a long length necklace with a tasseled pendant. Fringe is a fun way to add a little pop to your outfit. 



Hopefully these six fashion picks can help you break out some new styles and ease into this season with confidence! Welcome spring with open arms and be sure to check back in with new tips and trends!

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